How to Get voter Id Card in State of Tamil Nadu CEO Details and Contact Information

How to Get voter Id Card in State of Tamil Nadu CEO Details and Contact Information:

Known as the important identity to validate the citizenship of an individual to the concerned state, Voters ID cards are issued to the people. It is a mark of identity that particular person has attained the power to form the government by casting his or her vote. And the essential factor of the voter's ID is that it tends to help an individual in proving his citizenship in any other country.

Generally speaking, a person with the valid voter's ID card shall not be considered an illegal person. This is the reason that such identity cards are extremely important to attain. What makes it important for the people to get this facility is that they might not become a target for any kind of legal inquiries in terms of identification.

Eligibility for the Voters ID Card in Tamil Nadu:

Certainly, the Voters ID card or the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is issued by the Election Commission to the people, who have attained 18 years or above at the time of issuance. The purpose of issuing this card is to prove the identity on Election Day for becoming eligible towards casting the vote.
Ø  Minimum 18 years of age at the time of issuing the card.
Ø  The person should be the citizen of Tamil Nadu.
Ø  He or she must have a valid housing address for contact.
Ø  He or she should fall in the particular constituency to cast the vote.

How to Apply for Voters ID Card in Tamil Nadu?

  1. At an initial level, the prospective voters should fill and submit form no. 001 and a further form no. 001C as the name gets registered with the Electoral Office.
  2. After some time of the registration, Election Commission of India carries out Voter ID Card Issuance Drive that mandates all registered voters to reach the requisite designated Photographic Location in Tamil Nadu that could be a Government School or a Government Office. For this purpose, the Election Commission issues notices to the registered people well before the actual day of Voter ID card issuance.
  3. Before issuing the voter ID Card, the premises counsellor makes sure that the picture is clicked with the camera and the registered voter gets the ID card within next 10 to 15 minutes. This validates the citizenship of an individual in Tamil Nadu.

Applying online for the Voters ID Card:

1.       You need to go to official website of Tamil Nadu
2.       Select Form 6 if you want a new Voter first time and fill the form.
3.       Get a print out for future reference.
Indeed, improvising the possibilities for the prospective voters in Tamil Nadu, the Election Commission of the state has come up with online registration facility. The citizens falling in the category of 18 years and above should fill the form online. This form can be submitted with the photograph, which makes it easier for the Tamil Nadu people to get registered in the Voter’s list. 

After some enquiry, the registered citizens will receive the Voters Id Card at their doorstep through normal post. In this way, the Tamil Nadu Government has managed to help the citizens above 18 years of age to get an authenticated citizenship

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