Voter ID Card Online Registration In the State of Orissa

How to Get a Voter ID Card In the State of Orissa

Orissa is located in South East. The state is famous for coal and mineral mines. If you want to cast your vote and elect a candidate for running the government, then you are required to have a voter id card to do the same.
It is issued by the government, and it also acts as an identity proof that you are a citizen of India. It also helps in getting a lot of your work done. We all should. One should take full advantage of this opportunity and cast a vote. Voting is our right.
We are the people who select our government. We get this chance once in five years. This opportunity should be used whole heartedly. The process has become online now and it has also become very easy for us to apply for a voter id card. The process is not at all tiring like the way it used to be earlier.

Registration Procedure

  • For registration, you will have to first register yourself on the official site of Orissa which is
  • You will open up a home page. The home page has a lot of information.
  • You need to look for Apply Online which you can see on the left side of the page and you have to now click on that.
  • The page will now show you different types of forms.
  • One of them is Form 6 which you will have to select.
  • This form is for including the name in the voter list and also for new registration. So click on this form now.
  • You will be taken to a new website altogether which is that of ECI which is Election Commission of India.
  • This page will give you two options which are of login or new registration. You will click on new registration.
  • For that, you will need just an email address and a mobile number.
  • You will get your details on your mobile phone now. Login with all those details.
  • You will be seeing now Form 6. The form has to be filled. It has a lot of options for you such as the name, address, surname, date of birth, relation, family members, uploading photographs, uploading documents and so on. And there will be a submit button at the bottom as well.
  • Once you are done with the filling up of form 6 and also uploading all the documents, now you will have to click on submit button at the bottom.
  • As soon as you submit, you will be given a receipt that also has a number and that number has to be kept safely by you as you will use that number to track your status of voter id card. Later, will be a process called as the verification where an officer will come and visit your residence and verify everything is valid or not.
  • And, only after that, you will receive your voter id card within a couple of months. 

Voter ID HelpLine

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