Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh Application, Request Duplicate, and Check Status Online and Offline

Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh – Application, Request Duplicate, and Check Status Online and Offline:

applying for a voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh follows a very easy procedure. You do not need to visit the election commission office for every single task. You can get all the information online related to voter ID card Andhra Pradesh and can apply online for the same on the state’s CEO website.

Simple steps to apply for a Voter Identity Card Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Visit the official CEO website of the state here
Step 2: On this page you can go to the option e-registration>>Assembly constituency>>Form6. Click on the form6 and you will be directed to a page where form6 will be displayed which is required to apply for the voter Identity card.
Step 3: Fill this form completely and correctly, and then upload a photograph.
Step 4: Click on the submit button at the bottom once you have filled the form. However, before submitting the form, it is highly recommended that you go through all the details you have entered to make sure that the details are correct.
Step 5: Once you have submitted the form, you will receive the application ID no. which you need to keep safe for checking the status of the application later.
Step 6: After that you need to send the hard copy of your ID proof and your address proof since there is no option to upload these documents.
Step 7: Finally, the last step would be the verification of the details you have entered. For this you don’t have to do anything rather a booth level officer will come to your home and will do the verification.
You can also visit the election commission office of your state once if you have any query or you are facing some problem to apply online for voter ID card Andhra Pradesh.

How to check the Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh application status

To check the application status of your Andhra Pradesh voter ID card you can again visit You then have to go to the option E-registration>>Council constituency>>Know your status. Click on the option “know your status”.
A new page will be opened where you need to enter your application ID no. and the status will be displayed.

Duplicate Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh

A duplicate voter ID card is issued in case you have lost your voter ID card or it has been damaged. However, for this you need to follow a process which includes the following steps:
  • Visit the nearest police station to file an FIR about the loss of your voter ID card and keep a copy of it with you.
  • Download form002 from the internet or get it from the CEO office.
  • Fill the form and attach your photograph, required documents and copy of FIR with it and submit it to the electoral office.

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