how to verify voter id card online – online verification process of voter in india

how to verify voter id card online – online verification process of voter's card in India:

As we all know the importance of the voter id cards. It is a basic card that gives us an identity. As we turn 18 years of age, we need to register and get ourselves this voter id card. One should without fail, apply for the same. By having a voter id card with you, you will be able to cast vote, that is the most important help one can do in the decision making of the country by participating in the same.
 The government rules for 5 years, so exercising your right is the best thing that you can do. Anywhere you want to get any of your work done, you need to show an identity proof, so this voter id card will help you in that case as it has all the details that are required by the organization. Earlier, getting a voter id card was a tough job, but now you can get it just by logging into the website of the province and filling the basic details and your job is done.

The process of verification :

  1. Government website: The most important thing that you need to do is logging into the site which is This website has a very important role to play. It helps you in each and every way it can. It will provide you with all the basic details that are required by you before you start applying online for the voter id card. A list of documents that you need to give them is also updated there.
  2. Fill the form: This is the most important step. Filling the right form is important. As for the people who are filling it for the first time has to fill Form 6. It has to be filled properly and also all the documents are to be submitted along with it.
  3. Only official documents to be submitted: Besides sending them documents attached and scanned, you also have to send them a hard copy of the documents. That has to be sent to the electoral officer. Make sure all your documents are valid and true to its knowledge, otherwise you will not get the voter id card. And it would be advisable if you yourself go and submit the documents, otherwise, there are chances that they might get lost if you courier them.
  4. Verification: This is quite tedious as a lot of things are involved here. When you send them and also submit the documents, they are thoroughly checked by the officials before allotting you the voter id card.

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