How to Link Voter ID Card with AADHAR Card Online

Step by Step full guide to Link AADHAR Card to EPIC Card online  through Government portal

AADHAR card as we all know is an identity card for the Indian residents, which contains a 12-digit unique identification number. This unique identification number is used as the identity of the person throughout the nation. One can apply online or offline (Jan Seva Kendra/Lokvani Kendra in UP or Aadhar KIOSK Booth in other states) for the Aadhar card, and then has to go to Aadhaar office for the verification process and to provide biometric information.

Why Linking up an EPIC card with Aadhar card?

Ok, so this all about the Aadhar card, now guys have you heard of EPIC card? That is very easy to guess because all of you have it; yes, absolutely that’s your Voter ID card. Voter ID card is also be known as EPIC where EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identity Card. Due to a fraudulent voting system and bogus voters government of India has initiated a new campaign for the linkingAadhaar card to EPIC or Voter ID card. This campaign mainly aims to remove the fraudulent voters from the database thus disabling them from fraudulent voting.

Reason for the EPIC-Aadhar Card Linkage

Fraudulent voters can have number Voter ID cards but can’t obtain a duplicate Aadhar card because of the strong verification process and the provided biometric information. Due to this biometric information stored in the database, no individual can obtain a false Aadhaar card. So linking up EPIC card and Aadhar card is an important step to curb the fraudulent voting through the nation. This campaign was termed as EPIC-Aadhar seeding campaign.

Procedure to Link EPIC card with Aadhar Card 

So now a question must have popped up in your mind about how to link your EPIC card with your Aadhaar card, well then you are at the right place. I will show you the procedure to link your EPIC card with Aadhaar card via online, for that you need to follow the steps carefully I have mentioned below
  • At first, you need to visit the Aadhaar linking page. You can click here to open the Page.
  • Then you have to fill out the form with correct details (such as Date of Birth, Father/Husband Name, State, district, pin code, etc).
  • Once you’re with form filling you need to click on the “search” button.
  • If the details you entered were correct, you will find your details below.
  • Now you find a “Feed Aadhar Number” option on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Click it, and a pop window will open :
  •   Now you need to enter the details as follows:
  1. Your Name in Aadhar Card
  2. You EPIC or Voter ID card number
  3. Your Aadhaar Unique Identification Number (UID)
  4. Mobile number
  5. Email address

    So once, you have correctly entered all the details, you will get a notification from the authority saying “Your Request for Aadhaar number with Electoral Database has registered successfully”

    Hope you are perfectly clear with linking up the procedure of EPIC with Aadhaar card, IF have queries regarding anything related to this article feel free to inform us and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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