How to Get A Voter ID Card in State of Rajasthan- Complete Online Tutorial

How to Get A Voter ID Card in State of Rajasthan- Complete Online Tutorial

India is a democratic country. Everyone has the right to vote. Voting is one of our fundamental rights. One should never forge
t that. Voting is a way by which we can choose our government. Our voice is heard and also our demands are fulfilled. 

For that we need to vote, and also have a Voter ID Card. One should be eligible enough to vote that is the person has to be at least 18 years of age. You have to elect your government and think about the future of the country. Everybody who satisfies the eligibility criteria is eligible to vote and should vote for the benefit of the country. 

If you do not vote, then you should also not criticize the government as the government is formed by our votes only. We should be part of the elections that are held after every five years. The process is also very easy.

In the area, Rajasthan is the largest state of our country. So, the elections that take place here have a very deep impact on our country. The whole process is taken care by the Election Commission of India, the body is very fair and transparent and also autonomous. It looks after all the things. The online process is very easy and anybody can apply online. One should apply for that.

Registration Procedure

  • For registration for the voter id card, one should follow the steps that are provided by us here.
  • Log in to the website which is Election Commission of India has created it. The website is very user-friendly and takes care of the people and it has a lot of information provided on it.
  • Down somewhere, you will find an option of ‘Apply online for registration of a new user link’, click on that now.
  • As you click on that, you will be taken to a new page where you can see Form 6. You have to fill this form.
  • Make sure that you fill this form carefully with all your details and do not make any mistake.
  • You will also have to attach a passport size photograph of yours. The photograph has to be scanned.
  • When you complete the form, and now you will be given a registration number.
  • As soon as you get the registration number, the process of this online registration ends here.
  • You will also have to send the hard copy of a couple of documents that show your address proof and also your age proof.
  • They will verify your details that you have sent them.
  • After that a process called as the verification will take place, the officers will come to your house and verify all the details.
  • After that you will get a voter id card. If you have applied for the voter id card, you will have to collect it on your own.

Voter ID HelpLine

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