How to Get Voter Card in Madhya Pradesh- Bhopal City Voter Registration Guide

How to Get Voter Card in Madhya Pradesh- Bhopal City Voter Registration Guide:

India is the biggest democratic country, gives a right to choose their ruler or political leaders through the voting system conducted every five years once, however, provided the voter is above 18 years of age. Years back it was the most stressful job to obtain the voter's identification card as one have to stand for hours long in a lengthy queue and wait for the electoral officer to enter our name and other details and take a pic of us and proceed with the process of giving the card to us. But today, this process is easier than before with the online registration services provided by the electoral commission office.
Madhya Pradesh is a state with 230 constituencies of the legislative assembly and 29 Lok Sabha constituencies. The state election commission has launched a website through which the residents of Madhya Pradesh can apply for the voter's identification card through online without any hassle.

Online Registration Process

Residents of Madhya Pradesh can visit the homepage of the elector commission office for any kind of queries or apply for new EPIC. The website provides all the information and links to make changes if any in the existing identification card as well.

Visit, and select the online registration EROLL. The page will navigate you to the registration process and on the next page select the online e-registration to apply for new voter Id card. Fill in all the details of the form with necessary documents along with a photo and submit the application form. Before submitting the form, make sure the details entered are correct like the name, address, phone number, and other such personal information because a simple mistake may be a reason for rejection of issuance of the card during the time of verification or mistakes in the card may have trouble at the time of voting.

After submitting the application form, you will receive a registration number which is important to track the status of your application. Once the application is submitted the election commission office will start the process and an officer might visit you for verification of all the details provided while submission of form 6. If the details provided stands correct while the verification process, the officer will proceed with issuing the voter identification card and you will be receiving it by post in the next few days after verification. Hence, it is important to provide correct details and documents to avoid any kind of rejection or delay of the issuance of the voter Id card.

Offline Registration Process

An applicant for voter Id card can also apply by directly visiting the state election commission office. Request for the form 6, fill in all the details and submit the form with all the required documents to the concerned person. An applicant may have to take approval of an officer before submitting it for the verification process. Once the application is submitted to the election commission office will continue the process same as above mentioned in the online registration process.

Another way of applying to avoid visiting the office in person in case of no time or being far away, the applicant can also download the application form from the website, fill in all the details and post it to the election commission office. Once the application is received, the process of verification will be conducted and you will receive the status details to the mode of contact provided in the form. 

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