how to check status of voter card online- search by name and date of birth

how to check a status of voter card online- search by name and date of birth:

The registration of voter id card has become very easy in India. As the technology is growing rapidly, applying for a voter id card online and also checking its status by name and birth has also become very easy for all of us. 

It can all be done in one, by just going to the site and following few simple steps and you can get to see your status. The Electoral Commission has brought is a really major change by making everything go online. Earlier, it was like you have to wait for weeks to get a voter id card, now getting and card and also checking its status has become easy.
So here we tell you how do you check your voter id card status online.
In case you have registered for your voter id card, and have not got it, do not worry, you will get it within a couple of months. That is the way they work. If it has been since you registered, you can check your status online very easily. You should know the progress that has been there in your voter card id and also keeps a track on what all is happening. And, do not think to do it is a waste of time, you will save time by not going to the office of the electoral officer. 

We all know that there are various ways by which we get our voter id card, we sometimes also have to pay those middle men a hefty amount to get things done. For all those turn 18, voter card is a must for them, as it gives them an identity, so we can now do it by registering online and not being lazy.

check voter id card status by name and date of birth

  1. Start by going to the website. Each and every province has a different website. For example, if it is Bihar, then type BIHAR CEO. The page will lead you the respective province.
  2. On the next page, you will get a link. The link can be different for a different province. It can be something like that of an election in status, application status, check enrollment status. If you find any of these, click on that as they all mean the same.
  3. Now you will get to see another page now. This page will ask you to fill all your details, these details are like that of the name, birth date, your application number. You need to fill all of them after which you have to click on the button below called as the search button. And after that, you will be shown your status. That is all you have to do

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