How to Voter ID Card in Himachal Pradesh

How to Apply for A New Voter ID Card in Himachal Pradesh:

Anybody who is 18 years of age or more than that is eligible to vote. And no one should miss this opportunity to vote. If you do not vote, then you will not get this opportunity to vote for the next five years. So you should vote. If you do not vote, then this will hinder the growth of the country. 

It also provides you with an identity of your own and also makes a lot of your work get on time. And now this whole process of getting a voter id card has become very easy as this whole process has turned online. Earlier it was like one has to stand in a line for hours and wait for their turn and go again and again to the office for getting their voter id card for that matter. 

So, the process has become very easy and anyone can do it with just a bit of computer knowledge. So the government of the state of Himachal Pradesh and also the Chief Electoral Officer has come up together with a website that is user friendly and that is designed in such a way that anyone can use it. We all need a voter id card. By just following few simple steps, anybody can apply for the voter id card.

For registration, you will have to register on the site which is  The website is fair and transparent to everyone. You will just have to follow what all is written on the website. A lot of things are written on the website. All the news related to the polling booths and also related to the election can be found on that website. 

In case you are not comfortable with working online, you can do that by just following the steps that are given on the website. You will have to look for the option of online registration. Click on that. After that, you will be taken to a new page. On this page, you can see a lot forms that are used for different purposes. 

We have a form called as Form 6 which is to be used for new registration, and then we have Form 6A which is used by us for adding new names and after that we have another form called as the Form 7 which is for objection in case of some of the names. As of now, as you are the new user, you will have to select Form 6 for time being. But, you will also have to create a separate account before that. 

It is with this id only that you can login again and check the status of your voter id card and many more things can be done. In case you want some changes also, for that also you will use the same id. Now you have to fill the Form 6 carefully and then verification will take place and you will get your voter id card.

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