How to Register for a New Voter ID Card in State Of Kerala - CEO and Online Procedure Guide

How to Register for a New Voter ID Card in the State Of Kerala - CEO and Online Procedure Guide

Voting and selecting their political leaders of different political parties is a right of every citizen of India. India has 29 states and seven union territories have their own system of voting state wise. Kerala with its highest literacy rate has more advantage of knowing the importance of elections.

The Government of all the states has made it easier to apply for a Voter ID card through the online process instead of standing in that huge line of people, which is the most tiresome way. 
In Kerala, the electoral enrolment is completely done online and is the first state for achieving 100% online enrollment. The voter can apply for an identification card even if staying out of the country on a short term basis.

Registration process

To apply for the online process of registration of a voter identification card issued by the Kerala state electoral rolls, the applicant should visit the official web page of the Kerala Government elections that is In the home page select the online voter registration and complete the process by filling up the relevant details.
The form will ask for details such as your name, sex, date of birth, district of residence, address, photo, etc and more such details. After filling all the details check once again and then it can be submitted.

Verification and Receiving ID Card

Once the application forms are submitted through the online process, these applications will be passed on to the Booth Level Officers (BLO). Each polling booth will have a polling level officer and will be in charge to conduct verification in person. Based on the verification details of the BLO, the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) will decide about accepting the application form and registering the name or to dispose of the application. During this entire process, the applicant will receive notification of the status of the application through SMS. After all, the process is and verification is done the voter id will be delivered to your door step by the BLO or through the postal delivery or by the Taluk office depending on the choice of the elector. It's the easiest process and there is no need to go to any office to obtain the voter ID in Kerala.

Offline registration process

people not comfortable with the online process can also follow the in person submission of the application forms method as well. Applicant should visit the election commission office of his or her constituency and request for the fresh voter ID card application form 6. Fill up all the required details and submit it along with the necessary documents as proof. In this process, the application needed to be passed by the concerned officer for checking purposes and should be submitted only after the official approval.

Postal Registration Process

An elector can also apply for voter Id by downloading the application form from the internet and posting it. Application forms should be checked thoroughly with all the details and if it contains all the required documents and should be posted to the election commission office. Once the application is received and the process begins, election commission office will send their person for verification and to check for all the details. If all the details verified stands correct, the application will be processed and the elector will receive the voter ID card to his mentioned postal address.

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